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Here at wakeupthemount.com our priority is providing the most reliable, accurate and elite customer service experiences, delivered by our specially trained team of problem solving experts. To that end, this new level of reliability and professionalism, we’ve developed innovative strategies to serve you best.

It is out belief that our customer care team is the best team in the business, and they are ready to prove themselves to you— give our talented customer satisfaction specialists a call and let them show you how they can help you.

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A step ahead

At wakeupthemount.com we’re a step ahead of the industry when it comes to giving you that personal touch. We never use automated messaging when real, meaningful one on one interactions can made with our customers. FAQs are helpful, but they don’t replace real human problem solving.

Always Ready

At wakeupthemount.com, our motto is “Be Professional. Be Efficient. Be Ready”, which is why we’ve developed a system of strident efficiency for our customer care. Our crack team of customer care professionals are on the case as soon as you make contact, and aren’t finished until you’re satisfied and on your way.

We’re #1

At wakeupthemount.com, we truly believe that we have hand selected only the very best team of customer satisfaction specialists in the business, and we’re ready to prove it. The best part? They work for YOU. It’s like having a personal assistant on call for you.

Your satisfaction is our Priority

At wakeupthemount.com bringing you the best customer care in the world is our mission statement. If something isn’t right, we won’t rest until we make it right. Contact our team with a question, and they give you an answer. No question too complicated, No question too simple. Your satisfaction is our priority.

An A-team of problem solvers

Our team of elite professional customer service representatives are specially trained, world class problems solvers. Their passion is finding solutions. Our highly qualified team, maintains their qualifications by continuing their training with seminars, tutorials and workshops, to make sure they can provide you with the perfect solutions to any issue.

A personal touch

You know what it’s like to call customer service and be met with a recorded voice giving you touch-tone instructions. It’s aggrovating, and you wish you could just speak to a person. That’s why wakeupthemount.com offers full 24/7 coverage, where you will have live interactions with one of our specially trained customer care specialists.